Wireless Commercial Package - $599.00

Precision Vision would like to introduce the latest in wireless technology with our new Wireless Package. The Wireless Package provides the convenience and safety of enhanced vision whilst reversing or driving, without the need for cables between the monitor and camera(s). Cameras have 110 degree wide angle lenses with images displayed on the high resolution colour LCD display panel through a transmitter built into the camera(s) and a receiver in the monitor.

Package Contents:

- 5.6" TFT LCD monitor
- One bracket mounted heavy duty camera
- Wiring Harness and connectors
- Extension aerials for camera(s) and monitor


- Remote Control
- 4 wireless A/V Channels that can accommodate up to 4 wireless cameras
- Automatic activation when vehicle engages reverse
- Manual activation for full time display on any camera
- 12 to 32 Volt compatibility
- Range of up to 238 metres (barrier free)
- Built in audio microphone in cameras that can be heard through monitor speaker

Special Note: Whilst wireless technology presents solutions for applications where cabling is difficult and expensive, please note that both the monitor and camera(s) require a power source. The power source for the camera(s )is not to exceed 12 volts. Vehicles with higher voltage will need to use a voltage reducer to power up the camera(s). In addition, the 2.4G FM wireless signal cannot penetrate metal barriers. Line of sight between the monitor aerial and camera aerial is generally required for reliable image quality.



5.6" TFT LCD Monitor Heavy Duty Bracket Camera