Standard Package - $470.00

Precision Vision Pty Ltd has developed an affordable safety package for standard passenger vehicles or vans. The standard package provides the convenience and safety of enhanced vision whilst reversing or driving. Cameras have 110 degree wide angle lenses with images displayed on the high resolution colour LCD display panel.

Package Contents:

- 5" TFT LCD monitor
- One camera (Choose from our range of Cameras)
- All connections and cables up to 5 metres


- Remote control
- 3 A/V channels which can accommodate camera or DVD input
- Automatic activation when vehicle engages in reverse
- Manual activation for full time rear view display
- 12 to 32 volt compatible


5 Inch Screen
5 Inch Screen with Hood

Available Cameras:

Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Black Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Silver Bracket Camera with Infra Red - White
Auto Shutter Camera
Side View Camera
Mini Camera
Bullet Camera
Bullet Camera with Infra Red
Dome Camera

Ram Mount Option


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