Recreational Package - $682.00

This package is tailored for caravans, trailers and recreational vehicles.

Precision Vision's Recreational Camera package takes the guess work out of reversing your car and caravan/RV. This package also has a full-time activation mode that means while you are towing your caravan you have a high resolution and unobscured view of the road behind you. The 110 degree CCD camera will easily display three lanes of traffic behind your caravan. You will actually be able to view the road behind you as if your caravan was not there!

The second camera that is fitted to your vehicle means that you can easily reverse your car to hook up your caravan with a full and unobscured view of the approaching coupling. There will be no more need to wrestle with your caravan to move it into place and any accidental damage caused by colliding with the caravan will be eliminated!

Package Contents:

- 5" TFT LCD monitor
- Camera for car/tow vehicle (Choose from our range of Cameras)
- Camera for caravan/trailer (Choose from our range of Cameras, some with audio)
- Cabling for tow vehicle
- Cabling for trailer/caravan (Specify length required).


- Remote control
- 3 A/V channels which can accommodate camera or DVD input
- Automatic activation when vehicle engages in reverse or when caravan is attached
- Manual activation for full time rear view display
- 12 to 32 volt compatible


5 Inch Screen
5 Inch Screen with Hood

Available Cameras:

Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Black Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Silver Bracket Camera with Infra Red - White
Auto Shutter Camera
Side View Camera
Mini Camera
Bullet Camera
Bullet Camera with Infra Red
Dome Camera


Click here to see the Connection Diagram Click here to see the 12 Pin Wiring Instructions

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