Industrial Package - $1,265.00

Various industrial contexts require robust and resilient equipment. The Precision Vision Industrial package meets this requirement. Precision Vision rear view systems are used in many testing industrial applications. These include wheat headers, mining vehicles, cotton gins, sugar cane trains, amphibious tourist vehicles, marine vessels, bitumen machinery, etc...

Precision Vision’s Industrial Package is an ‘all in one’ solution that has a built in quad splitter in the sturdy 7” monitor.

Package Contents:

- 7” Industrial Monitor with built in quad splitting function
- 2 x Bracket mounted industrial grade infra red CCD camera
- 30 metres of cabling per camera (or whatever you specify)


- 7” High Performance TFT LCD Monitor
- Brightness of 400cd/m³
- Up to 4 camera inputs
- Multiple split picture displays (1, 2, 3 or 4 cameras)
- 2 video outputs to enable recording
- Adjustable mirror function for individual cameras
- Distance gauge for reverse view
- Allows DVD or video input
- Auto reverse function
- Auto split screen on left/right indicator activation
- NTSC or PAL compatible
- Auto day and night brightness control on monitor
- 12/24 volt compatible


Industrial Screen

Available Cameras:

Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Black Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Silver Bracket Camera with Infra Red - White
Auto Shutter Camera
Side View Camera
Mini Camera
Bullet Camera
Bullet Camera with Infra Red
Dome Camera


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