Commercial Package - $729.00

The nature of large and small commercial vehicles means that vision to the rear is either significantly restricted, or non-existant. Precision Vision's Commercial Rear View package totally removes the visual impairments associated with driving these vehicles.

Many companies incur thousands of dollars of rear end/reversing damage per month. However, the installation of the simple and affordable Precision Vision commercial rear view/reversing package will greatly reduce and possibly eliminate this cost. It has the potential to pay for itself within a month of installation by virtue of the savings in insurance excesses and repairs! Beyond this cost saving to property, Precision Vision Rear View Systems also significantly reduce the risk to human injuries and the costly litigation associated with such unfortunate incidents.

Precision Vision’s products can stand up to the rigours of virtually any commercial/industrial application from DELIVERY VANS through to HEAVY DUTY MINING EQUIPMENT and everything in between. Our cameras are IP68 rated and our systems come with a 12 month ‘new for faulty’ replacement warranty which we believe is the best in Australia. Precision Vision systems have been applied to MINING VEHICLES & EQUIPMENT, FORESTRY MACHINERY & LOGGING TRUCKS, ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY & SEMI TRAILERS, TIP TRUCKS WITH DOG TRAILERS, COTTON GINS, WHEAT HEADERS, GRAIN HANDLING EQUIPMENT, SUGAR CANE TRAINS, HELICOPTERS, DELIVERY VANS, GARBAGE & RECYCLING TRUCKS, FORK LIFTS, HORSE FLOATS, DOG TRAILERS.....and more.

Package Contents:

- 7" TFT LCD monitor (audio capable)
- Bracket mounted, infra red and audio capable CCD camera (black or silver)
- All connectors and 30 metres of cabling


Remote control
- 4 A/V channels which can accommodate camera or DVD input
- Automatic activation if required for specific cameras
- Manual activation for full time rear view display
- 12 to 32 volt compatible


- Additional cameras (up to four in total)
- Quad splitter/multiplexer (to allow screen splitting and multiple simultaneous views)
- Side view cameras (can be indicator activated)
- DVD player and TV tuner
- Customised and purpose designed packages for your specialised applications


7 Inch Screen
7 Inch Screen with Hood

Available Cameras:

Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Black Bracket Camera with Infra Red - Silver Bracket Camera with Infra Red - White
Auto Shutter Camera
Side View Camera
Mini Camera
Bullet Camera
Bullet Camera with Infra Red
Dome Camera


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