7 Inch TFT-LCD Monitor - $521.00


LCD monitor with wide view angle and fine pictures. No radiation
Picture turning up/down, or turning left/right function
Multi-languages of display available: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabian
Game function
Automatic front panel LED activation at night
Mirror and normal image switch available
Automatic brightness control function
Full-function remote controller
Multiple system available: PAL/NTSC
Four AV inputs, 3 cameras can be connected to the monitor
Earphone output jack
Variable/automatic range power supply: 12~32V.
Cameras powered through LCD itself and no control box needed
Built-in speaker
Auto activate on reverse signal and side indicator (optional) 



Display component: 7" TFT-LCD monitor
Audio output: 1W
Loudspeaker: one 4.0cm round loudspeaker
Connecting items included: earphone jack, audio/video(AV) input jack, external power supply input jack, camera connector
Power supply: automobile storage battery(12-32V), automobile adapter
Power consumption: about 12W
Outer dimensions: 182mm(W) x 122mm(H) x 26mm(T)
without back shield; 198mm(W) x 138mm(H) x 31(T) with back shield
Dot pitch: 0.107(H) x 0.370(V)
Resolution: 480 x 3(RGB) x 234
Contrast: 150:1
Brightness: 300cd/m²
Viewing angle: U: 40 / D: 60, R/L: 60
Operating temperature: -20~+70°C, RH90%
Storage temperature: -30~+80°C, RH90%