The nature of large and small commercial vehicles means that vision to the rear is either significantly restricted, or non-existent. That's why few, if any, Commercial Fleet Managers these days need to be sold on the merits of including Reverse Camera Systems, with GPS Navigation, as a standard include in the purchase price of any vehicle in their national fleet portfolio.

The ROI calculation is simple. Many companies incur thousands of dollars of rear end/reversing damage per month. The inclusion of a Commercial Rear View package totally removes the visual impairments associated with driving these vehicles. Thereby improving the Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the vehicle by significantly reducing the costs of insurance excesses, repairs and, in some extreme cases, human injury, litigation and worker's compensation across the fleet.

The question then becomes simply one of price. What is the most cost effective Rear View Camera on the market?

What many Fleet Managers fail to include in their Total Cost of Ownership calculation is the costs associated with installing the wrong camera system. Install the wrong camera system and you could find yourself having to re-factor your Total Cost of Ownership calculations to include the cost of taking the vehicle off the road to repair or, in some cases, even replace a Rear View system that, on paper, appears to be the most "cost effective" option.

That's why reliability and durability are more important buying criteria for the commercial fleet manager than camera system's short-term price (i.e. purchase price).

This is why our cameras are IP68 rated and our systems come with a 3 Year ‘new for faulty’ replacement warranty. A warranty we believe is the best in Australia. That's why Precision Vision systems have been applied to MINING VEHICLES & EQUIPMENT, FORESTRY MACHINERY & LOGGING TRUCKS, ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY & SEMI TRAILERS, TIP TRUCKS WITH DOG TRAILERS, COTTON GINS, WHEAT HEADERS, GRAIN HANDLING EQUIPMENT, SUGAR CANE TRAINS, HELICOPTERS, DELIVERY VANS, GARBAGE & RECYCLING TRUCKS, FORK LIFTS, HORSE FLOATS, DOG TRAILERS.....and more.

With 10 years experience in the Rear View Camera business Precision Vision’s products have a proven record of standing up to the rigours of virtually any commercial/industrial application. From DELIVERY VANS through to HEAVY DUTY MINING EQUIPMENT and everything in between.

That's why Precision Vision is fast becoming the Australian Commercial Fleet Manager's Rear View Camera System supplier of choice.

Why don't you call us on 1300 377 290 to find out how Precision Vision's National Fleet Management Sales Team can put together a competitively priced solution that will improve the Total Cost of Ownership across your fleet today?